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Why Quality Spouting is Essential to Your Property

January 1, 2019

July 01, 2019 at 11:28 AM

roof_auckland.jpgBy law in New Zealand, all buildings must have some form of spouting implemented as part of their roofing solutions. A spouting system is integral to any home in our climate, it provides incredibly important solutions for protecting our property from the elements. Installing a quality spouting system can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If a spouting system is not properly maintained or is not good quality, you may as well not even have one. They need to be cleaned and nurtured every 6 months in order for them to do their job properly. In this article, we’ll talk about the immense necessity of having spouting on your roof, and the importance of having a quality product installed by someone that theroofing specialists in Auckland can trust. During the re-roofing process we’ll recommend the guys we know get the job done right, so that when it comes down to the end of the job, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Spouting Protects Your Home 

Spouting collects water from the bottom of your roof to lead it down to the ground without damaging your home. Without spouting, rainwater would fall off the edge of your roof as it pleases, draining right down your cladding and windows at mass.

This can cause dampness to build on your walls and your roof. Short term, this can make your home feel like a cold, damp space that isn’t nice to live in. Long term, moisture can seep into your cladding, roofing and any other nooks and crannies. This leads huge issues with rotting wood and damage to any other housing materials.

In short, without spouting, your home won’t last nearly as long as it is meant to, and this will cost you big in constant repairs.

Spouting Protects Your Foundations 

Your house isn’t the only thing on your property. The land your house is built around is just as important to protect as your house itself. Spouting protects the soil and concrete that landscapes your property, by preventing rain waterfalling off the roof onto the ground below in heavy amounts.

Rain is great for your garden, but when rain accumulates on your roof it concentrates at the edges, making the rainfall a lot heavier than normal when it hits the ground. If this happens a lot, as it would in a climate such as ours, the force can cause soil to erode significantly and even form cracks in concrete.

Soil and concrete make up the foundations of our homes, and this kind of damage so close to a building is incredibly dangerous. Having no gutters, leaky gutters, or overflowing gutters can easily cause this kind of damage in the long run, which can lead to our homes themselves becoming unstable as their foundations decay.  

Spouting Prevents Flooding

The heavy, concentrated rainwater that falls off a roof without spouting can also cause massive amounts of flooding in our backyards or outdoor areas. This is the most obvious sign of damage a lack of spouting can have, as it causes the grass to stop growing, and makes property generally unpleasant. Basically, you need spouting to prevent you from living in a swamp.

Spouting Prevents Moisture and Mould 

When water accumulates in your roof or walls, it can very easily lead to black mould appearing in your home. Without spouting, water accumulates very easily, as it can pool on your roof and sink into your ceilings, or can accumulate from damp walls after heavy rain.

When moisture accumulates in your roof, it can cause the whole area between your roof and your ceiling to grow mould and become toxic. You wouldn’t even notice it for a long time before it seeps through your ceiling itself, but you and your family could be breathing in the harmful, damp air and getting very sick.

When building a home, every effort is made to prevent situations that could cause mould to occur, and installing spouting is a huge part of that.

The First Step to Eco Living 

As a bonus, spouting is a great way to begin to live environmentally friendly, and save some money from your water bill as well. Imagine how much rain falls on your roof every year. Depending on where in New Zealand you are, this can be in the thousands of litres. Spouting provides you with the perfect system to collect that rainwater, and harness it for use within your home.

In New Zealand, spouting generally leads to a downpipe, which leads the water under the ground into the stormwater network. If you want to collect your own rainwater for use within your household, there are many systems available for harvesting and filtering rainwater. This can turn it into great water for bathroom, laundry, even drinking if it is properly treated.

Install Quality Spouting Today 

At Roof Auckland, we offer the best materials and products, and will arrange spouting for your colour steel roofing, or any roofing that will last the test of time. If your spouting needs repair or you need to install new spouting, now’s the time. Talk to us today to discuss the spouting solution that works for you.

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