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What You Should Expect from A Roof Inspection

January 30, 2020

January 30, 2020 at 9:59 AM

From metal long-run roofing to industrial bitumen, every kind of roof has its vulnerabilities. With the subtropical climate and occasionally wild weather we get in New Zealand, it’s important to stay on top of what your roof’s vulnerabilities might be, and to tackle any problems as they crop up. That’s where a roofing inspection comes into play.

Getting a professional to look over your roof’s condition is essential to keeping that roof over your head for as long as possible. We can pick up on smaller issues before they become more difficult to handle, saving you time and money, and making sure that your roof will endure. We provide you with a full report, including photos and repair recommendations, so you can trust that our suggestions are legitimate.

The question is, what are we actually looking for when we get up there?

Which Areas Do We Check?

Usually we start on the ground, walking the perimeter of the house and using our eyes to check for any obvious or glaring issues from the ground-level. This can help us to identify any issues with flashing or guttering, and it also gives us a broader view of the roof.

Then, we get out the ladder and get onto the roof itself. Unless your roof is pitched at a fairly severe angle, we’ll be climbing up there to check for any issues that have developed over time, or even issues with how the roof was constructed in the first place.

You might think that we only check on the outside of your roof, but that isn’t the case! The inside of your roof’s decking is also crucial to its survival, as rot and wear can come from both sides of the construction, so we make our way into the gap between ceiling and roof.

This may sound like a fairly invasive process, but we pride ourselves on being as quick and discreet as possible when inspecting your property, so you can go about your day as normal!

What Are We Looking For?

We specialise in roofing solutions that will make your roof last as long as possible, so when we do our inspection, we are thorough to say the least. As mentioned previously, we check out the interior and the exterior of the roof, and we’re looking for different things in both of those areas. Here’s a breakdown.

Interior Checks

When we get up into the space between your ceiling and the roof, we’re looking for anything that shows signs of excessive wear and tear, or any mistakes made during the roof’s construction that could be causing trouble, such as:

●        Water damage. Puddles, water marks or soft materials are all indicators of water damage, which suggest that there is a leak somewhere in the roof. Leaks are dangerous to leave alone, so we will recommend finding and repairing it as soon as possible.

●        Structural damage. The space underneath your roof should be pitch black, as that indicates nothing from the outside can get through. If we notice that light can be seen through the roof, that’s a sign that there is significant deterioration that requires repair.

●        Rot or mould. If we see any rot or mould, that’s a sign that water is somehow making its way past your roof (even if there aren’t any obvious structural signs).

Exterior Checks

Heading up onto the roof is a slightly different story. It gives us a chance to catch any issues before they get worse, and to give our recommendations to prevent these from causing long-term damage. Here’s what we look for:

●        Sagging. This is a sign of severe leaking and can be very dangerous; sagging roofs can collapse at any time. Our recommendation will often sway towards an entire re-roof if your roof is starting to sag.

●        Rust or corrosion. For metal long-run roofing and metal guttering, checking for rust is essential. Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, and despite modern weatherproofing practices, it can still fall prey to oxidisation and eventual structural damage.

●        Flashing. We’ll also make sure to check out your flashing while we’re up there. These are the pieces of metal and sealing that go around gaps in the roof, and if they start to deteriorate then water can make its way inside.

Once we’re all done, we’ll present you with a comprehensive report that includes our assessment of your roof’s condition, as well as our recommendations for repairs going forward. It’s easy as pie to sit back and let us do all the checking, and it might save you a big headache in the long run.

Make sure your roof is up to scratch with Roof Auckland

We’re some of the best roofing contractors Auckland has to offer, and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible services to our clients. Get up to date with the condition of your roof today!

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