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How Roofers Work with You to Install Solar Panels

July 6, 2020

July 06, 2020 at 4:03 PM

As we strive to be more environmentally conscious, we’re fortunate that solar panels have never been more affordable or accessible. Some homeowners are switching to greener alternatives for their energy sources, and solar panels have immediate, meaningful impact on your home’s carbon footprint.

Switching to a renewable energy source is a very straightforward decision. I think here it needs to say - there is no better time to install solar panels than when you are doing a re-roof as the scaffolding/edge protection is in place and the roofers can flash around them.

There’s no better time to install solar panels than when undergoing a re-roofing project, as the scaffolding and edge protection are already in place, allowing your roofing team to finish the job quickly and safely. First, you’ll want to determine whether your current roof can handle the solar arrays. If you’re planning to give solar panels a try on your own home, consult with trusted roofing contractors first so they can make a proper assessment of your roof and ensure your future solar panels will be as effective as possible. Here’s how expert roofers help you prepare your home for solar panels.

Checking your roof’s condition

The best time to install solar panels is when the roof is being replaced. We would not do these during a repair as there would be no guarantee that leaks would not occur. We would only work with getting solar panels installed during a re-roof. We are long run roofing iron specialists only and we do not work with shingles unless we are removing them to replace with long run roofing iron.

Expert roofers will first look at the current condition of your roof, asking how old it is and when it was last repaired. Installing solar panels will require a sturdy roof, one that contractors can confirm can accommodate the new load.

In addition to a strong top structure, most solar modules are designed to work for 20 to 25 years, so your roof needs to last that long as well. If your roof is showing signs of age or deterioration such as cupping, lifting, damaged shingles, potential leaking, or any other signs of weakness, we recommend that you undergo a full re-roofing to accompany your new solar panels. To protect your roof and your home, Roof Auckland only installs solar panels when installing or re-roofing metal roofs.

Ensuring you have the ideal roof size

Roofers will take note of your roof's size. For solar panel installation, your roof must have an area of at least 400 to 600 square feet to ensure enough space for the panels. Each solar panel requires 18 square feet of space and should ideally be slanted at 30 to 45 degrees for them to work their magic.

Determining which roof type is best

The type of roof you have is important when deciding to install solar panels. Solar panels work great with shingles as they're the easiest roofing surface to attach your solar modules to. On the other hand, clay or slate roofs are brittle and often breakable, making them less agreeable for solar panel installation.

Consider hiring our team for a re-roofing project, if necessary. We can review your roof and install a more compatible metal style that will last you a lifetime and will be well-suited for solar panel installation.

Knowing the direction of your roof

Roofers will also need to know what direction your roof is facing. This is because the solar panels will need adequate sunlight to perform. Ideally, one pitch of your roof must face north. The roof’s pitch must also be angled at 30 to 45 degrees to have the best exposure, ensuring long hours of power.

Clearing your roof’s surroundings

For solar panels to work optimally, they need to be exposed to the sun for at least six hours per day. Obstructions that cast shadows across the panels, such as tree branches, chimneys, satellite dishes, and neighbouring houses, can limit your panels’ exposure to the sun, thus reducing their capacity to produce electricity. Before installation, it’s best to have your roof area examined and limbs. We can reposition antennas and other roof fittings, if possible, and plan around other immovable obstructions. We do not get involved in any repositioning of antennas or aerials as our roofers are not experts in this area - we always tell our customers when they accept the job that they need to contact an aerial specialist to do this.

Make your roof 100% solar-ready!

Re-roofing in Auckland isn't new to us. We have proven ourselves with years of experience, trained to make the entire process of repairing and replacing your roofs fast and simple. Let us help you make the switch to a clean, renewable energy source and prep your roof to support your solar panels. Interested in a free quote? Call our team today!

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