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The Lowdown on Long-Run Metal Roofing

December 20, 2020

December 20, 2019 at 10:11 AM

Here at Roof Auckland we specialise in the use of long-run roofing for a very good reason. This kind of roofing material is perfect for the humidity of the New Zealand climate, the on-and-off rain, and for surviving New Zealand’s harsh sunlight and coastal conditions.

Beyond that, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to rejuvenate their home’s exterior design profile. Try a new colour or a more modern roofing profile, and elevate the kerb side appeal of your home with ease.

Getting ready for a re-roof? Want the lowdown on long-run metal roofing? Keep on reading.

Durability: It’s a Hard Knock Life

The first consideration for any new roofing job is how long you want the roof to last. It’s inconvenient to keep patching, not to mention financially taxing. We love our jobs, but if you don’t have to call on us for another ten years, then that means we’ve done your new roof justice.

Durability begins with the chosen material, and long-run metal is among the best in this category. Specifically, the COLORSTEEL® roofing sheets that we recommend are purpose-made right here in New Zealand to survive our harsh weather and harsh sunlight. The sheets are made from lightweight, durable steel that is ideal for a roofing job because it puts as little weight on the frame of your house as possible, while still repelling rain and hail easily.

The sheets are pre-painted to prevent peeling, flaking or shedding of flakes, so your chosen colour will shine through for years (up to a 30 year warranty in some locations) with proper maintenance.

Low Maintenance: Easy as Pie

Not only is long-run roofing great for lasting through the years, it’s also wonderfully easy to maintain. The sheets are manufactured from steel and coated with a zinc-aluminium alloy, providing advanced corrosion resistance and an easy job of maintenance for the homeowner. Furthermore, the channels in the roof encourage any water to run off, so there’s no rusting or water-pooling to worry about, and therefore no patching to be done.

Finally, you can have your roof water-blasted once a year to keep it nice and clean as a final measure against nefarious rusts and plants.

Energy Efficient and Sustainable: It’s Good to Be Green

Metal roofing offers the benefit of being extraordinarily energy efficient, and it’s a very sustainable choice of material. Future homeowners can recycle the roof once it’s seen the years through, and it reduces household energy consumption. Yes, you read that right! Metal roofing reflects sunlight and therefore reduces the amount of air-conditioning you need to blast to keep your home cool.

To put it simply, long-run metal roofing offers flexibility of design, fantastic durability, and an energy-efficient solution. That’s why it’s our favourite material to work with.

Get the experts to sort your new roof out

Keen on new roofing, Auckland? We’ve got you covered. Just give us a call to start the consultation process, and rest assured that your roof will be surviving for years and years to come. Get in touch today!

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