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Re-Roofing vs. Restoration: Protecting Your Home | Roof Auckland

September 9, 2019

September 09, 2019 at 6:59 AM

Roofing contractors all over Auckland will tell you that restoration is better than re-roofing because it’s more cost-effective, but that’s not always true. In the long run, a roof that has been patched or overlaid can present a big problem for your household. The mould, dampness and leaks present before you got the repairs done will still be beneath the surface, and these symptoms can infect the rest of your home, which can result in a lot of unwanted costs.

Re-roofing rips up all the problems that characterised your old roof so you can starts, giving your home a fresh protective barrier against the harsh elements. Let’s take a look at how beginning anew protects both your home and your family much better than trying to patch many holes at once.

Your Roof is an Immune System 

If you think of your home like a human body, then the roof is almost like an immune system. It works to keep all of the bacteria and viruses—in this case mould and dampness—out, and you can do several things to make it stronger. On the other hand, when your immune system starts to falter, your entire body is negatively affected. This is true for a roof and home as well.

When a roof starts to degrade from wear and tear, cracks and leaks begin to appear that let moisture and water in. Water spreads reasonably quickly throughout the porous materials in your house causing a whole host of issues, some of which we’ve outlined below.

●        Rotting. Once water gets into the timbers of your roof deck, the walls of your home, and then the insulation, materials start to rot over time. This makes your home’s heat retention plummet, and can cause some serious problems with structural integrity.

●        Mould. Dampness and darkness create an environment in which mould will thrive. You’ll especially want to watch out for black mould. Spores are easily carried through the air, infecting all corners of your home, which is very dangerous considering that black mould is one of the most hazardous moulds out there.

●        Water damage. When water puddles and accumulates, it dries as an unsightly yellow or brown blotch on your ceiling. This is usually accompanied by sagging of the ceiling, which in turn encourages more water to pool.

Why Re-Roofing is Better than Restoration 

If you’ve noticed that your roof is showing signs of leaks, there are cracks or curling in your shingles, or there are signs of structural sagging, then you’re going to want to get a new roof soon. When it comes to big jobs, it’s much better to tear up what was there before and start fresh, rather than laying a new roof on top of the old one (which is how restoration works). But why? So many builders specialising in roofing in Auckland say that it is more cost-effective, faster, and requires less labour. Let’s dive deeper into those assumptions.

Restorations are cost-effective 

The initial price point of roof restoration is lower. However, as we pointed out earlier, it can be much cheaper in the long run to re-roof. Rotting, mould, water damage and structural issues are more likely to persist if you don’t rip up the roofing that constituted the initial problem, and these are costly to remedy.

Restorations are faster and need less labour 

This is true. Restorations are faster than re-roofing because there is less to do, which means you’ll need fewer people to get the job done. However, it is important to remember that the speed at which you can get a job done does not signal how effective it will be. Make your choices based on what will be best for your home once the building crew leaves, not on how long it will take to accomplish.

Keep your home protected in the long run.  

Discover the best roofers in Auckland. We work with a range of quality Coloursteel roofing to ensure you get the best value for your dollar, and we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy until well after we leave your home. Ready to start? Get in touch now!

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