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September 17, 2020

If you’re looking to book re-roofing in Auckland, there’s no better time to do it than in the summer months. From December to March, the days are long and sunny, nights are mild, and rain isn’t looming behind every cloud. In other words, it’s the perfect time to handle some outdoor work. 

Here at Roof Auckland, we love the summer months precisely because they make our lives (and the lives of our customers) easier. So, thinking about booking in a re-roof? Read on to find out why you should book it for summer.

It’s easier to handle re-roofing projects of any size 

Tackling a big re-roofing project during the rainy seasons can be difficult. The project already takes longer than a standard home’s re-roof by virtue of its size, so the presence of rain delays us even further. 

During summer, the weather is on our side! We can head up to your roof day after day with no delays and any painting or coatings will dry significantly faster in the consistent sun. Not to mention, we won’t have to worry as much about adapting our job schedules to suit the rain. After all, a wet roof is a slippery roof, and waiting for it to dry before we get up there only adds time to the project. 

We can do other services at the same time 

Thanks to the sunshine, it is a good time to engage other contractors without the rain disrupting the work, and perhaps even utilising the scaffolding for more than one project. We can steer you in the right direction here. 

you can opt for your roofing team to take care of multiple other services at once without the rain disrupting the work. ) For example: 

●        Sort out your new windows. Been waiting to renovate your windows, but haven’t found the time? Get them done at the same time work is being done on your roof to avoid even longer periods of construction, and don’t worry about the rain pouring indoors!

●        Have your house painted. Need fresh new walls to match your gorgeous new COLORSTEEL roofing? Talk to us about repainting your siding to give your house the facelift it’s been needing while we work on your roof. The sun will dry it quickly, and we won’t have to contend with the rain.

●        Get a skylight installed. What better time is there to have a skylight installed than when you can best appreciate its rewards? Enjoy the sunlight streaming into your living spaces all through the summer months. While we’re up on your roof, we can take care of this for you.

●        Revamp your insulation. With effective insulation, your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. If your roof has a skillion roof (one with little ceiling space), then the best time to do this is when we’re already ripping up your roof for a replacement!

No need to shrink wrap for protection

In the winter months, shrink wrapping a house undergoing a re-roof is often essential. After all, we’re removing your home’s core defence against the rain! Without it, you could be open to a lot of potential water damage, which costs a lot to remedy.

Not only does shrink wrapping your home make for a less-than-optimal living experience, it also adds onto the building expenses. However, between December and March there’s no need for you to shrink wrap your home while we work. The sun is shining, and nothing will be raining on your parade. This saves you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with the team at Roof Auckland for your summer re-roofing. 

We’re a team of professionally trained, highly dedicated roofing contractors in Auckland, and we’re ready to tackle your re-roofing job. Enjoy a full-service experience from a team of industry experts, so your only job is to sit back and relax while we get the work done.

Reach out for your free advice and fast quotations from our friendly team today!

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